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Huntington's Disease in Denver, Colorado

Americans for Huntington's Initiative strives to raise awareness and provide education to families considering having children.about the risks associated with Huntington's Disease.
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Who we serve:

Our primary focus is in Illinois, Colorado & California, however, we encourage anyone in any other state west of Illinois to contact usand we will do whatever is necessary to provide hope and loving support to all who need our help. We can assist with these services:

1)  Contact & support with all local, state and federal agencies to get all medical and social services needs

2)  Referrals to medical, psychological, and research professionals to increase knowledge & awareness about Huntington's to extended family, church and social contacts

3)  Help with training and education for all caregivers so they fully understand the individual fine art of caring for HD patients

4)  Assistance in setting up clean, well provisioned households so HD patients can live independantly with dignity and respect for as long as possible

Our main mission is to eradicate the Huntington gene, in all of future generations of America family. We work hard to find families the best round-the-clock medical care to help combat the disease.

Contact us today for more information about Huntington's disease .